5 Best Web Hosting for 2022: [Pocket Pinch Recommendation]

Web Hosting

One of the most important services to offer on your website is hosting. Hosting is what allows your site to be seen by the world.

Your site needs to be hosted for people to be able to find it and visit it. There are many different types of hosting, each with its advantages and drawbacks.

Here are some top recommendations for web hosting providers that help you choose the best one for your next site.


Before Start

Many people have an idea for a website, but hosting the site is often too expensive. This article will show you how to find a quality web hosting without spending much money.


  • Step 1: Find out if the web hosting company charges for bandwidth or not. You may want to use a company that offers unlimited bandwidth, so your website isn’t restricted.


  • Step 2: Be sure to check what type of control panel they have, as this will determine how you can design your site. If they offer cPanel, this is best because it’ll be easy to use, and there are many options for designing your site with this program.

kinsta web hosting

Number one is kinsta; kinsta is a managed wordpress hosting provider that mainly focuses on running and managing your needs and requirements regarding your websites.


They use high cut technology plus google cloud. They can very well handle the loads.

kinsta’s high technology features make managing google plus feature much more friendly, and kinsta mainly handles the server management for you.


They give you panels showing what’s important for you to know. They hide the rest so that you don’t get confused seeing thousands of features simultaneously.

kinsta can install wordpress for you on Your hosting account, and guys, all you have to do is one tick. They will do the rest; that much is easy your whole experience gets with kinsta.


The customer service will be open 24×7, so any problem, you can always ask for help.

Managing wordpress and a new website can be difficult if it doesn’t have proper management.


Wp Engine web hosting

Number two is Wp Engine, and this is a very high-quality wordpress managing host that is one of the best-managed wordpress hosts out there.

Wp engine’s customer service and excellent uptimes. Very high performance of hosting.


Wp Engines, one of the best wordpress host managing providers, is very costly. It is one of the most expensive ones.

Some people opt for the cheapest option over the quality, in the beginning, to keep the cost in check.


But let me tell you, friend, if you want the best management for your server and the protection from any real threat, then spending a little more on the Wp Engine is worth it.


Other than the price, there are not many drawbacks for the wp engine.



At number three, we have siteground.

If you use any wordpress or thinking of creating your website, then I’m sure At some point you have come across the name siteground.


siteground is one of the best supported and most recommended wordpress hosting companies sites ground is one of the web hosting companies that provide cheap plans for their customers.

So that very few individuals can easily opt-out plans for them.


They’re mainly known for cheap and very fast hosting plans and their best fast, top-notch customer support.

Siteground provides hosting for about 2 million domains worldwide.


When it is said that siteground has the best support, it truly means that their support is the best. Call email chat, and all options are available.

Their customer service agents also have ideas regarding wordpress and its hosting, so the range of solutions to your problems increases.


This is great for someone who has recently started using WordPress; also, When your site has problems or crashes, they even provide you temporary links.


They put in to make your experience feel worth it. They provide free Wp installation, migration, and auto-updates and free SSL and CDN, daily backups, free email that costs over 4.99 a month, plus their awesome support system.



Next is Bluehost, they are the official Web host recommender of wordpress.

Let me tell you this, Bluehost might sound very new to you or other people who have never heard of it.


But it’s one of the best oldest web hosts who started in 1996.

Today, Bluehost has become the largest brand name, which is not very surprising; given the time they have been a hosting web service.


As I said before, they are the official wordpress recommended site, so you don’t have to worry about its authenticity or if your server’s traffic will be slow or fast.


They will have one of the best and fastest servers. Of course, there is customer service that is 24×7.

the best thing about them is that they are very experienced so that the small problems that many customers face with many other companies won’t face with Bluehost.


Also, if you’re thinking about starting a small business or startup, then Bluehost will be perfect.

Number #1 web hosting service for small businesses and all of these for someone who will be starting new to wordpress.


They provide discounts for installation along with a free domain, free SSL, and a free site builder along with templates.

They make the journey of any new business or startup 50% easier, and the whole site is much more accessible for beginners.


Hostinger Web Hosting

Number five and last on this list is Hostinger.

Now for the number one spot for web hosting for wordpress goes to none other than Hostinger.

I am very sure people thinking for startups or creating their website have heard of Hostinger.


But here lies the catch with Hostinger; unlike other companies, they’re either the best for newbies or the best for experienced people but not the both for the same time.


To solve this problem comes Hostinger, Who’s the best choice for newbies and the strong and best choice for any experienced wordpress user.

Their customer support is 24×7, and they’re very fast too, but they’re also very knowledgeable.

So your range of problems gets solved through customer service just got increased.


Here’s another best thing about Hostinger: it provides you with a one-click installation and supports options.

It also gives you a free domain name along with enhanced security measures.


Hostinger provides unlimited bandwidth, a very good feature for anyone, and can be a newbie or an experienced person.

They also provide a free SSL certificate but one thing that is very important that I am sure you want to talk about is whether it’s cheap or not.


Let me break it to you it is the cheapest web hosting service with such good quality features and provides both newbie’s and experienced wordpress developers.

It’s quite shocking for me to the price moves from $2.99 to $3 per month.


At the end

These were my lists regarding the top 5 web hosts of wordpress. And I hope it’s now easy to choose your best one.

So, am I right! or am I right! Hahaha!

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