Best 3 email marketing tools to sky rocket your business

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Email marketing is a vital component of any marketing strategy to create and build a loyal community and audience.


The best three email marketing tools on the market today allow users to engage in all the essential areas of email marketing for free.


It helps with email campaign building, email automation, sequences, landing pages, and more.


This article aims to help you identify the best email marketing software ideal for your business requirements.


In this review, I will identify and discuss my top three leading email marketing tools that offer overly generous free plans that are ideal for beginners just getting started with email marketing.



Straight into it first, on our list, we have MailChimp, which is an all-in-one email marketing platform that offers a comprehensive free plan for its users.


This is an excellent option for small businesses and beginners as you can build your email list up to 2000 (leads) contacts and create one audience email list for free.


And as your business grows and expands, you can always upgrade to a paid plan for under $20 per month with MailChimp.


And remember, we are just talking about the free plan. You can create email campaigns to fire off your audience and email automations and sequences that trigger and send as soon as your contacts complete specific actions.


Mailchimp allows you to build emails with complete ease.


You do not need any design experience to use MailChimp’s drag and drop block builder to create emails from scratch or build from pre-made templates.


Mailchimp has evolved over the years and is now considered an All-in-one marketing platform.


As a user on the free plan, you can also create landing pages to capture visitor contacts a functional and responsive website. You can integrate your favorite tools, apps, and social media.


You can use Mailchimp as social media management and scheduling platform.


Connect your favorite social media accounts and create a schedule and publish your posts directly through mailchimp.


Mailchimp also has other essential integrations with tools like popular (CRMS) customer relationship management systems.


So you can capture and manage your relationships with ease.


As you know, Mailchimp is a comprehensive marketing tool that is fully equipped with everything you need to get started with email marketing.


Read our comprehensive MailChimp Guide for beginners that will help you get up and running with this impressive email marketing tool.



Second on our list of excellent email marketing tools that we believe are ideal for individuals and small teams getting started with email marketing is Hubspot.


This tool is a complete (CRM) that offers a generous free plan.


Hubspot’s free plan allows you to store up to one million contacts, and you can collaborate with your entire team on HubSpot’s free CRM.


In terms of email marketing capabilities, you can send up to 2000 emails per month which is more than enough for individuals, small teams, and those getting started with email marketing.


With this tool, you can create landing pages and email campaigns similar to how you make these in Mailchimp with a drag and drop block builder.


You also have access to pre-made templates to help you craft the ideal campaigns and landing pages.


With these impressive email marketing features, you have access to all the basic but essential free CRM capabilities.


Which complements your email marketing activities as you can build a sales funnel, pipeline, engage with your customers, create deals, and more.


Hubspot is an ideal email marketing tool for those who require a solid (CRM) to manage their customer contacts.


However, you can also integrate HubSpot and MailChimp to get the best of both worlds.


Before diving headfirst into Hubspot’s free CRM, read our beginner’s tutorial to help you quickly get started with this dynamic email marketing tool.



So the last tool we have is KlAVIYO; this is a powerful e-commerce based email marketing platform with SMS text marketing features and social media capabilities.


This tool is ideal for beginners looking to get started with email marketing for their online store.


KlAVIYO is especially useful for Shopify stores with simple integration and interconnection between the two tools.


The free plan of KlAVIYO offers up to 250 contacts and up to 500 email sends per month. As your business grows, the pricing plans grow.


This tool has limited free quotas compared with Hubspot and MailChimp.


You do have more extensive free features up until you hit the paid threshold.


For example, you can use the block builder to create pop-up forms, email automation sequences, landing pages, and more.


And the ease of integration with website builders like Shopify makes this an ideal email marketing software for beginners.


Again we recommend KlAVIYO for online stores e-commerce based businesses that sell products online.


Which one is best for you

  • MailChimp, this email marketing platform, is an all-around great free tool for anyone looking to get started with email marketing. It’s easy to use, has extensive free features, and has complimentary marketing features.


  • Second is HubSpot, which is ideal for those wanting to leverage a powerful free crm and engage in basic Email marketing activities.


  • And last we have KlAVIYO, which is recommended for anyone that wants to get involved in email marketing for their product-based e-commerce business.


So take the time to decide on the best option for your business right now and the requirements you will need as your business and brand grow and expand in the foreseeable future.


The Last Line

I hope this helped you identify the best email marketing solution that is appropriate for your business type.


Now, if you have any questions, make sure to pop them down below, and thank you so much for Reading.


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